About Banskoskipacks Ski School

Banskoskipacks.com is part of Ski Property Management ltd. which operates in Bansko since 2003. We are the leading management company in the resort.

Our representatives are at your disposal 24 hours per day 7 days per week over the winter season.

Booking ski packs with us the clients will receive ski voucher confirmation and they will be contacted back from one of our friendly staff with the info pack summery and meeting arrangements upon your arrival in Bansko. We provide ski services with the main ski school in Bansko - "Ulen".

About Banskoskipacks Ski School

"Ulen" Ski School instructors are motivated to give the best to you - our clients. Be it ski-, snowboarding-, freeriding-, or freestyle- courses, for adults or children, teaching you how to ski in complete safety and maximum fun. It is all about high-end convenience and helping you get the most out of each visit. Though it can get pricey when it comes to lessons, we offer many options . The instructor ratios are among the best in the country and their state-licensed childcare facility is top-notch too, leaving parents free to focus on learning the sport. For kid’s lessons, the instructors will teach children as young as 3 years and for kids 6 years and up, all day lessons help cement new skills and build confidence.

If you are looking for personalised service we are your top choice!